10908 Press Release


For Immediate Release

10908-Bearing Race Starter Kit

Tiger Tool has built an industry-leading reputation based on quality, reliability, and innovation. Their newest offering, the Bearing Race Starter Kit, is no exception.

With Tiger Tool’s patent-pending design, bearing races can now be removed precisely and installed in mere minutes on aluminum and steel hubs! Bearing races are extracted as a split ring is forced over a wedge, increasing the diameter of the ring until it ultimately clamps onto the bearing race, easily pulling it free.

A shop press is applied to the adapter kit assembly to remove and install a variety of bearing races. Tiger Tool manufactures each adapter kit from high grade steels, ensuring strength, durability and reliable performance. Adapter kits are sold separately, many of which will service an assortment of unique races.

The Bearing Race Starter Kit provides a safer alternative to traditional welding, hammering and punching methods—all of which are time-consuming, cumbersome and dangerous. When you choose Tiger Tool, you know you’re choosing the safest, most professional option on the market.

Patent Pending

Note: Requires a shop press and at least one adapter kit to operate.