20155 Press Release


For Immediate Release

20155 Severe Heavy Duty U-Joint Removal Kit

For more than thirty years, Tiger Tool has built a reputation as an industry leader in the development of suspension and driveline tools. Their newest offering, the Severe Heavy Duty U-Joint Removal Kit, removes even the most seized u-joints from Dana/Spicer SPL 350 and Meritor RPL 35 Series drivelines and embodies everything you’d expect from a Tiger Tool: quality, reliability and performance.

The U-Joint Puller has been designed with a specialized glove, which allows the tool to slip over the yoke of these large drivelines. Using an impact gun, force is applied to the head of the forcing screw which pulls the bearing cup to the maximum allowance, at which point the Bearing Cup Extractor takes over. The Extractor is attached to the now-accessible portion of the bearing cup, and, with minimal effort, pulls the bearing cup until fully extracted.

The 20155 Kit is the only system on the market with the capability to completely remove u-joints and bearing cups from Dana/Spicer SPL 350 and Meritor RPL 35 Series drivelines. And like every Tiger Tool product, it’s backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.