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Freightliner Airliner & Peterbilt Low Air Leaf Service Kit



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Product Description

Currently unavailable until July. 

Easily remove and install the Freightliner Airliner and Peterbilt Low Air Leaf rubber isolated pin and bushing while the suspension remains on the vehicle.

  • 20 tons of pulling power
  • Reduces the risk of damage to nearby components
  • Manufactured from high-grade metals for strength and durability

We’ve designed the push adapter with a defined edge to create more contact between the adapter and the sleeve of the bushing – essentially eliminating any slipping. Making the design even more meticulous, 28 magnets are built into the components of the tool. Altogether, this ensures the tool is easy to assemble, easy to install and keeps hands clear during operation.

Available as an adapter kit (Part No. 15030) to the 15000 Pin & Bushing Kit.

Arvin Meritor RS:
• MR782

Dayton RS:
• RB-268

Flagg RS:
• RB268

Gaff RS:
• 1083

Hendrickson RS:
• 52296

International RS:
• 3538115C1

Peterbilt RS:
• 52296

Requires 10,000 PSI hydraulic pump.

Shipping Weight 44.09 lbs | 20 kgs.



10730 Instructions

Proudly made in Canada