Hendrickson Tri-Functional Narrow Bushing Adapter



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Product Description

Easily remove and install the Hendrickson Vantraax Tri-Functional Bushing while the suspension remains on the trailer.

  • Machined components manufactured from high-grade metals for strength and durability.
  • Black oxide finished coating resists corrosion.

Kit must be used with 15000 Pin & Bushing Kit or can alternately be used with 17202 Hydraulic Cylinder.  (Please note, when utilizing the 17202, a hydraulic pump will still be required.)

Automann TS:
• MHS745

Dayton TS:
• 334-1628

Flagg TS:
• HT249

Hendrickson TS:
• S-26321


Shipping Weight 29.1 lbs | 13.2 kgs.

15041 Instructions

Proudly made in Canada