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Hydraulic Bearing Race Starter Kit



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Product Description

Bearing races can now be removed and installed precisely in minutes while the wheels remain on the hub. This is a hydraulically powered kit that horizontally services bearing races when used together with bearing specific adapters.

• 20 tons of pulling power for efficient removal and installation of the race
• Manufactured from high-grade steel for strength and durability

After the wheel and hub assembly have been removed from the truck, the Hydraulic Bearing Race Starter Kit is utilized to remove old races and install new ones with ease.

Removing and reinstalling the wheels can be time consuming—for technicians and their customers. Lug nuts require re-torquing after the first 50 to 100 miles of service, meaning the truck is off the road and back in the shop. By leaving the wheel mounted to the hub, the Bearing Race Starter Kit not only reduces shop time and reduces the likelihood of a wheel-off situation, but improves the lifespan of the wheel studs by not unnecessarily retorquing them.

The Bearing Race Starter Kit also includes an aluminum ring to mitigate the risk of damage to ABS ring located on the inboard side of the hub.

If you prefer to service bearing races on a stripped-down hub,
see kit 10908

If you already own a Tiger Tool kit that came with a 17202 hydraulic cylinder, see kit 10910

Requires a 10,000 psi pump and at least one adapter kit to operate.

Patent Pending

prop65Warning: This product may expose you to chemicals including Nickel, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Shipping Weight 44.09 lbs | 20 kgs.

10909 Instructions

Proudly made in Canada

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Bearing Race Adapters

Part # Application
10915 Set 401/402/430 Adapter
10916 Set 403/404/429/433 Adapter
10917 Set 412/413/427 Adapter
10918 Set 414 Adapter
10919 Set 415 Adapter
10920 Set 423 Adapter
10921 Set 406 Adapter
10922 Set 409/410/416 Adapter
10923 Set 408 Adapter
10924 Set 424 Adapter
10925 Set 418/419/420 Adapter
10926 Set 421/422 Adapter
10927 Set 411/426 Adapter
10928 Set 405 Adapter