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Mining Wheel Stud Press (25T)



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Product Description

Safely removes and installs wheel studs on a variety of CAT® mining equipment.

  • Features 25 tons of hydraulic force to provide fast and effective removal of even the most seized studs.

Cat 777
Cat 785
Cat 789
Cat 793
Cat 794
Cat 795
Cat 797 (Requires 50104 Adapter)

Requires service crane (or similar apparatus) and a 10,000 PSI hydraulic pump.

U.S. Patent No. 9908208


Shipping Weight 120 lbs | 54.43 kgs.

What equipment has this been confirmed to work on?

Haul Trucks: 777, 793, 797, 997
Wheel Loaders: 993

50101 Instructions

Proudly made in Canada

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Series Specific Adapters

Part # Application
50104 CAT® 797 Series Wheel Stud Press Adapter